Saturday, July 19, 2008

99.9% done

Countless hours (and sweat drops) later and the swing set is now 99.9% finished. All that is left to be done is to put the ground anchors in. Yeah Lou!!! He did an awesome job. I helped out some too, but he did a major majority of it. (I know that's kinda redundant) Kelsey has already been enjoying the swing almost everyday and after nap she can try out her new slide (with our help of course) Even though it was alot of work and we had to undo and redo things....I think we both agree it was not worth paying someone $600 to put it together. Happy early 1st Birthday Kelsey Bear (we won't be topping this gift for many years to come...if ever)!!!
Last weekend when Lou was out of town

Even Aunt Kellie helped out too!

Lou putting in the last few screws to secure the slide

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