Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Getting her B-day present early

We decided to get Kelsey a swing set for her birthday. She absolutely LOVES the swings at the park. The debate was whether to buy a smaller one now and then in a year or two upgrade to a bigger one. We found a really cool plastic one we liked and it even had free shipping. After talking with my brother, Lou decided it was best to buy the wooden play set from Lowe's (skip intro, click on tower with grand terrace, click on add swings and add roof to see what we are building) because you could add on as they grow. All we really need right now is the swing and with that comes the tower to hold it in place. All of this was decided while we were on vacation. Lou was looking it up online and decided to look in the Lowe's ad and what did he find....but the entire swing set on sale for just a little over what we would pay for the tower and swings alone. He called the store on the phone and ordered it and was even able to finagle 10% off without opening a Lowe's card (since we really wanted to buy it with his award debit card) Now the task is to get it together. It was going to cost $650 to have someone from Lowes do it....Yeah right!

5 hours on day 1 (we both worked while Kelsey napped, then Lou continued after)

1 1/2 hours day 2 (Pics of Lou working)

Kelsey loves it!!

Stay tuned for Day 3......Ugh!!!!

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