Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lake Norman

We spent the 4th of July week at Lake Norman, just outside of Charlotte, NC. We were with my entire family plus 2 of my dad's brothers and their family as well. On our biggest day we had 26..20 adults and 6 little kids! It was a long drive up with our little bear, but she did pretty good. We were trailing a wave runner so it took us even longer than it would have if we just had Kelsey with us. She warmed up to everyone right away giving big smiles. She was a little shy when it came to going to other people, but she eventually got over that. We spent everyday floating in the lake around the dock as the house was on a little cove off of the main channel. Kelsey loved the water and loved watching all of her cousins just splashing around. We even had an inflatable pool for the kids to hang out in. Kelsey even went on a few boat rides and when she didn't like the wind in her face, she just turned to face me. The wave runner was out and about all the time, even mom got on it (way to go Michael!!) The boat was for cruising, skiing, tubing and knee boarding. I think my brother and dad may have even taken it out fishing too. Since I forgot to pack her duckie bathtub, Kelsey took her first bath in a real bathtub with no seat. She did pretty good, except night two she took a bath with cousin Colin and he taught her how to stand in the bath.
We took her to see fireworks on the 3rd, but they didn't start till after 9 so she was passed out in the car.

She eventually woke up and didn't really care one way or another for the pretty lights in the sky. Oh well...maybe next year.

What an incredible week spent with family.

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