Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sippy Cup Time

Kelsey has been trying to grab our drinks out of our hands, so yesterday I decided to buy her a sippy cup and let her start trying it out with water. one warned me how many kinds there are to choose from!! I ended up getting a NUBY which is for 3 mos + and a avent one that's 6 mos +. She really likes the colors of the NUBY one. She knew what to do with it, but as Lou says...we already knew she'd put it in her mouth just like everything else. She did actually get it in right. I don't know if she actually drank any water, because her onesie was soaked when I took the cup away. I think she sucked the water out and then drooled it down her front. She was much with it today.


Erik said...

We liked our Nuby too...until we got sick of it leaking :-) It didn't ever not leak. We use Gerber and a couple Avent sippy cups now.

The Berni Family said...

WOW!! Lori..she is getting so big!! Emma was a huge fan of the Avent you can just buy the sippy part and convert all your great! Love seeing the updates...I wish I could get on the ball and update like you do!

Cindy said...

That's the same Nuby we have - and I second Erik - lots of leaking. But it works nicely at the very beginning when they don't have teeth or the real strength to bang it around as much.