Monday, January 28, 2008

New Car Seats

Tommorrow Kelsey's convertible car seat will be installed. She is long and heavy and we are ready to move her out of the carrier since she is getting pretty good at sitting up by herself. We bought a Britax Marathon for my car (Ashley). I am super excited about this seat, as it is very safe and more comfortable than her current graco infant carrier; which has served its purpose.

We were deciding what to do for a seat in Lou's car. Originally we just figured we'd transfer the Britax....then I realized and a friend gave her opinion, that it would become a hassle. THen we decided we'd just put whatever seat in, since it would be her second car seat. THEN we realized we drive Lou's car as much, if not more, than mine since his is a company car. So we looked at getting another seat, but didn't really want to shell out over $200 for another Britax. We did want to make sure it was a safe seat though. We went to Babies-R-Us with intent on either buying a Britax, if they had one on clearance, or an Evenflo Triumph. The sales guy then started telling us all about the Alpha Omega that converts into a booster (one less seat to buy). However, after calling my sister and having her read online reviews we decided to hold off. The reviews raved about the seat when it's in the forward facing position, but cursed it in rear facing. Since Kelsey is going to be rear facing for at least 6 more months we decided not to do it.

When we got home I srated doing some more online research and came across the Fisher Price Safe Voyage, which is made by Britax under the fisher price label so it's more affordable. It is basically the Marathon model minus some of the bells and whistles. I emailed my local mom's group asking for advice on the two seats (FP Safe Voyage and Alpha Omega). One of the moms emailed me back saying she had just upgraded her son to a booster and that I could HAVE her Britax Roundabout. I'd just need to buy a new cover since hers was pretty beat up. What Luck!! According to Britax expiration standards, the seat is only good till the end of next year, but by that time we can get her the Alpha Omega. So moral of the story is for $57 (price of a custom made car seat cover on ebay by momstwogirlz) We now have a Britax for Lou's car too!!

Before with Old Cover

After with New Cover

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