Friday, January 18, 2008

Hair Bows (for Kelsey)

So, those of you that know me well may be thinking "Lori and bows...they just don't go together" This is a true statement. In fact just the other day my mom recalled one of my first phone calls home from AUburn my first year. I said (read this with a little disgust in your vioce) "Mom, the girls here all wear bows in their hair" Never fear....I have not changed...I still will not put a bow in MY hair or wear pink on MY body, but my daughter just looks too darn cute not to. Plus, even with all of her hair and the fact that I gave in and put her in pink, people were still calling her a boy.

While playing on the internet I found a site that sells cute hair bows for babies. I was debating whether or not to order any and then I joined a local moms group. It just so happens one of the moms has a small side business doing this. It's called "This Little Piggy Hair Bows". Well, I decided I'd rather support a SAHM that I know. I ordered a ton of bows and a initial bow holder. She even has some patterned ribbon that's not listed and will work with you on your orders. They are not only for infants, she uses baby pinch clips, alligator clips and french clips. And if your baby/toddler doesn't have enough hair for a clip, or you just like headbands, she makes a really cute flower bow head band. I am making a list of new colors that I need to add to Kelsey's collection (definitely need a shamrock and one for valentines day too).

Butterfly Bow

Bow Holder
Bows for Dressing up

Matching Bows for outfits
Even Boys can wear bows too!!! (LOL)

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