Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Day of Many Firsts

Today was a big day for our little Ms. Kelsey. We had an appt at 1:30 to get her convertible carseat (Yes I know it's girly) installed in my car. I LOVE it and I think she does too. She looks so comfy in it and easily fell asleep. Tomorrow we will install the other car seat in Lou's car!Since I no longer have a carrier, that meant when we went to the grocery store she got to sit in the cart in her new shopping cart cover ( I saved some $$ since I found it at Marshall's) She did pretty good sitting up. I put her blankie behind her to help give her support. She did slide to the side occasionally.And lastly.... I decided to try her in the Johnny Jump Up. At the gym day care they have put her in the stationary jumperoo and she loves it. This was definitely no different. She had a blast. She was probably in it for over 30 minutes and would've stayed longer. Once I realized how much she liked it, I put it in our bathroom doorway so I could shower and actually enjoy it.

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