Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To the Zoo...

With Lou's new crazy schedule he has Mondays off, so we took Kelsey back up to the Brevard Zoo the day after Easter. We really like this zoo because it is not too big and has a great play area with water and hands on things to do like the petting area. Since it was a special trip we decided we would let her "feed" the animals. In the bird area, you can buy a stick of food and a nectar cup for certain birds. She liked the stick, but was a little freaked by the nectar cup because the birds came so close., she was much happier when daddy held the cup.

On our way up to see the giraffes we saw 3 rhinos (they are usually hiding, but were right near the platform. We also saw the cheetahs (which is the new exhibit). We went to feed the giraffes and unfortunately after I bought the crackers they wouldn't come anywhere near the feeding platform..oh well! She still got to see them. We saw the alligators and crocodiles and lots of different types of monkeys. We also stopped by the flamingo viewing area. She really enjoys seeing the animals.

The water play area is very neat. There are 2 shallow pool areas and the bigger one has a rock island in the center. Built into the rock island are PVC tunnels to pour water in and watch where it comes out below. Kelsey was fascinated with this when Lou showed her how they worked. At the far end there is also a HUGE aquarium you can look into and see the fish swimming while you are in the water.

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