Sunday, April 18, 2010


Lou had a dinner program in Orlando he needed to be at on a Saturday night, so we decided to take advantage of it (and of him being with us on a Saturday) and go up and spend the morning/afternoon at SeaWorld. It was kinda a last minute trip (I imagine when we have 2 kids, last minute trips will be harder to plan.) By the time we got there, parked and took the tram to the front we only had about 3-4 hours till Lou needed to be at the hotel to get ready for his dinner. I was initially bummed about this, but turns out my 8 month prego body wouldn't have been able to handle much more.

We saw the dolphins playing around from up above (skipped the long line to feed them) and then went to watch them from below as well (I think this was K's favorite part)

We went and saw the manatees

Somehow made it on time for the Shamu Show. he smile I caught on Kelsey's face is why we as parents do everything we do for our children. It just melts my heart.

We rode on the carousel, but she did not want to go on any of the other rides in the kids area. Since we were limited on time we didn't want to push it. Lou even multi-tasked while on the carousel and was chekcing his e-mail..LOL

We saw the sharks. You are on an moving sidewalk through a clear tunnel and the sharks are swimming all around you..this freaked her out just a little bit. She wasn't crying in fear, but definitely was snuggled in close to daddy's shoulder.

Went through the penguin area and saw lots and lots of penguins

And quickly went through and saw the seals and sea lions before we had to leave.

The nice thing is as FL residents, for the price of a 1 day ticket (actually less I think) we can go back all year as many times as we want until Dec 31. With baby sister coming at the end of May, we will prob only be able to go back once in the fall, but still it's a pretty great promotion.

We went to the hotel and while Kelsey went down for a nap, Lou got ready for his program and left. Kelsey and I had a girls night and went down for the managers reception and then went to dinner just the two of us. We took a bubble bath and then snuggled up in bed and watched a movie. All in all we had a great day. Kelsey asks when we are going back all of the time.