Thursday, April 1, 2010

Moms' Group Easter Party

Again this year we had an Easter party with our moms' group. Snacks and an Easter egg hunt. We each bring 10 filled eggs per child and then they are spread out in a field. We decided to let the the 3 and under kids go first this year and get their 10 and then we let the older kids go. Kelsey had fun, but at 2 1/2 it is a hard concept to understand getting 10 and then going back in the park so the big kids can play too. Needless to say we had a little breakdown (or two). I let her pick up a bunch while I took pics and a video, and then I sat on the ground with her and we counted out 10 and I threw the rest back out. (that was the start of breakdown #1) I occupied her for a little bit by putting her eggs out in another spot and letting her "find" them again. When the big kids took off...she took off too. She was just running with her basket so I let her go, but then she found an egg. I threw it back out so the big kids could get their 10 as well (breakdown #2). Overall she had a good time and the breakdowns were small.
Kelsey, Tatiana & Gianna (& Jayden)
Collecting eggs
Right after couting out our 10 eggs
Opening all of her eggs to see what was in them. She's so good and doesn't even ask for the candy :-)

Here's a video clip of her going after the eggs....

A bunch of our friends gave us their empty eggs. We had alot of fun with these in the afternoon after naptime. I "hid" her eggs and then let her find them. She thought this was sooo much fun. Then she wanted to hide them herself and find them.(hiding them was to place them all in the crack of the couch)

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