Friday, April 2, 2010

1st Dentist Appointment...

I took Kelsey for her first dentist appointment today. At Dermody Dental they give cleanings/check-ups free to kids under 3! Kelsey did awesome today, I was so proud of her. Ms. Liz took us back and Kelsey got to climb up in the big chair all by herself. We counted all of her teeth (there are 20) and she said she has nice spacing in her molars so we don't need to floss yet. Then she got a new purple tooth brush and Ms. Liz brushed on a fluoride treatment. After that Kelsey got to pick a special treat from the treasure box (she chose a colorful bracelet) There is a play area in the back and Kelsey played back there while we waited for Dr. Rachel to see her. Dr. Rachel was very nice. She took Kelsey for a ride in the chair and even turned on the overhead light. She counted her teeth as well (just in case it changed) She told me the 2 things we were concerned about, we do not need to worry about: Kelsey has an under bite which caused one of her top front teeth to be pulled backwards while it was coming in and she likes to crunch/grind her teeth. Dr. Rachel did say that Kelsey is most likely going to need braces around age 12. (She's doomed from Lou & I) She said the mouth grows in length not width and Kelsey does not have spaces in her front 4 top/bottom teeth for her big teeth to come in.

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