Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yummy Mussels....

With Lou being gone on Friday nights now, sometimes K & I drive by Gma & Gpa McDonald's after nap just to say hi. We did this on our first Friday alone. I brought her dinner with me so I could feed her there before heading home and she could spend a little more time with them. With it being Lent, mom and dad are eating fish on Fridays and mom was steaming some mussels for an appetizer for her and dad (& me). We sat down to enjoy them while K was eating her dinner. I decided to see if she would eat one..I was really doubting it since they are chewy and not like chicken. She LOVED them and kept asking for more!! It was so funny to watch my baby eating them off of the fondue forks we've always used. The next weekend mom made them again and she love them just as much.

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