Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Last Solo flight....

on Dumbo!

Lou & I had 2 days left on our Disney passes (which expired mid-March) so we took Kelsey to Orlando for her last time there as an only child. The week prior all she kept talking about was going to Disney and riding on Dumbo, and seeing different characters. As we were walking into Magic Kingdom on Sunday, a parade had just started, so we stopped to watch it. When it was over, the first ride we headed to was Dumbo. Not used to having to wait in a long line, she did pretty good and we let her "drive" the elephant up and down. We went on the carousel and some other rides and then we went back to the hotel for a nap.

When we went back to the park, Kelsey went on her first roller coaster ride with Daddy (mommy couldn't go because she's pregnant), Goofy's Barnstormer. She had fun and even raised her arms in the air..but she did say it was a little scary for her. (See video clip below) We went on a few more rides and caught the Spectro Magic Parade. As we were waiting for it to start daddy took her to one of the carts to let her pick out a light up toy. What did our little princess choose you ask...a light up sword!!! LOL
On Monday we went to Animal Kingdom. There's actually more there to do than I thought there would be. We walked through and area that had a huge fish tank and Kelsey was loving it. We saw all types of animals, went on a safari and saw Giraffes and elephants! They have an animal petting area that you can take a train to. Kelsey really enjoyed this area as she got to pick a brush and then brush the animals. The last thing we did for the day was to catch the Lion King show. Kelsey enjoyed this but was getting sleepy and just wanted to go to sleep towards the end. We decided to head home after that since she was tired and Lou needed to work the next day.
PS...Kelsey did awesome with the potty training while there. I was a little worried. I bought plastic training pants and put those on over her panties for a just in case. My thought was this way I could carry lots of panties, but wouldn't have to carry lots of pants/jeans as well. She only had one accident at the end of the night on Sunday. We are soooooo PROUD of her!!


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