Sunday, March 7, 2010

1st Haircut.....

so it was really more of a trim than a haircut...but all the same! Lou has been asking when we were going to cut her hair almost from the first week or two we came home from the hospital (she had a ton!!) I kept telling him, "she's a girl, you don't have to cut her hair just because it is over her ears". I use the over the ears when I remind him he needs to get a haircut, hence the reference point. I finally broke down and took her to see my hair girl on a Saturday. We had no appointment, Nicole had told me just to stop in. I figured we'd see if she was busy and if she was then we'd come back again. She was finishing up a client and then called little Ms. K to come to her. First we sat her in the chair on a bunch of pillows, but then Nicole decided it would probably work best if she just stood on the ground. Kelsey got to wear a cape and everything. She really like swooshing around in the cape. She was really good and she knew there was a treat (a gluten free dairy free cookie) waiting for her after. All we did was even out the back since she had somewhat of a point. She naturally has some layering going on already, but Nicole just let that be. I'm very proud of her...and me!!

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