Saturday, March 20, 2010

Springtime Berry Planting..

Last year we planted strawberries and Kelsey loved being able to pick them and wash them. So this year we decided to plant them again AND we planted raspberries and blueberries. Kelsey saw the blueberry container when we were at Lowe's and asked to plant them as well. (The only thing I didn't realize until we got home is that blueberries need 2 plants for cross pollination, so we'll have to go pick up a second one.) With the time change we had plenty of time after dinner to get them planted. Since we have a small garden area I decided to hang the strawberries this year and just use extra pots I have for the other berries. That way we still have room to plant tomatoes, peppers and arugula.
Carrying the blueberry plant all by herself. We planted this in a pot near the patio.
She wanted to carry the strawberry plant all the way out to the garden by herself. Below is a little video of clip of her.

Sitting with her raspberries...she has to be careful with these because there are little prickers/thorns on this plant
I found if I click the camera while counting (before I get to three) she doesn't give me the extra cheesey grin!! (See next picture for the after I counted to 3 pic)

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