Thursday, January 7, 2010

Good Thing....

that I go and check on K every night before I go to sleep (around midnight, I know I really need to change that) It was freezing again last night, so we had put Kelsey in footie jammies with socks on underneath. We even had the space heater in her room because it was supposed to get into the 20's again. Well, this is what I found when I went to check and say goodnight: I took her out and put a diaper on her and new jammies. Before I placed her back in I felt her bed and was wet!! I took her in and laid her in our bed with Lou while I went back and changed her sheets. I layer her bed with sheets and waterproof pads just in case something like this happens in the middle of night, it also makes it much easier just to take sheets off when they need to be cleaned as well. BUT, wouldn't you know it...she peed on the 5 inches that the waterproof pad doesn't cover, so both of the sheet layers were wet. Luckily I had clean sheets upstairs so I quickly threw a new pad and sheet on. I went to go get her out of our room (in the dark) and she was all snuggled up with Lou. After untangling them I put her back to bed in a clean dry bed with nice warm jammies!

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