Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Eve

We drove down to Delray to spend Christmas Eve with Lou's family. Before going to his mom's house, we went to mass at a church down there. It was a children's service and they had a little play. We sat in the very back and Kelsey was very good. She enjoyed counting the angels and shepherds as they lined up to walk down the aisle.
Christmas Eve at Gma Roselli's is always a wonderful time. Lots of family around and lots of food. His mom does the feast of the seven fishes and it is always delicious(especially the fried calamari). Kelsey had so much fun with her cousins, uncles, Grandad and Great Uncle Paul. She was up very late, but luckily she fell alseep a little before we got home and slept through the night.

Hugs from Aunt Jenny
Riding on Grandad's shoulders..check out that smile on her face
Our Christmas Princess
Isabel helping Kelsey open her gift from Angela
Trying to wrestle with Uncle Glenn
Our Happy belly is being covered by my pashmina
Santa's Little Helper

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