Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Big Sister!!

So I realized that I had not announced on the blog that we are pregnant and that Kelsey is going to be a Big Sister at the end of May. Most everyone who reads this blog should already know that, but just in case....

If you can quickly do the math..I am 20 weeks pregnant! Today we had our anatomy scan and we brought Kelsey with us. All along she has been asking for a brother AND a sister, she is learning to deal with disappointment as there is only 1 baby in my belly. The ultrasound today went well and the baby looks great. Everything is normal and baby is looking healthy!! The tech never got a great picture, but she tells us that this baby is a Kelsey is going to have a little sister in a few months.

An hour or so after the appointment we got a call from the office saying the Dr. read the ultrasound and it looks good, placenta is low lying. They said it normally will move on it's own, but that they want to see me back in 6 weeks for another ultrasound to check it. AND they are putting me on placenta rest for the next 6 weeks!! Aaaaagggghhhhhh, that means I am not allowed to work out like I do. I did have them clarify and I am still allowed to walk for fitness, just no jogging, jarring movements, or lifting heavy weights. It's going to be a long 6 weeks and I pray at the end of it I am allowed to return to my normal activity level.

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