Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Day

All season long Kelsey has been asking Santa for a horsey and a candy cane...well Santa delivered!! I think Santa decided to be extra nice to Kelsey this year since it is her last year being the only one, b/c she even got more than what she asked for...

After waking up and getting the cameras set, Lou went in and woke up K-bear. She was very excited talking about Santa and Christmas. We start by coming into our room and seeing what Santa left in our stockings. He moves them, from their display place in the family room to the mantle on the fireplace in our room, when he comes. Santa put a candy cane in K's stocking..and she got some trains, a video, some big girl panties (since she is going to be potty trained after Christmas), and a traditional tangerine and some nuts. I was multi-talented and was able to video and take a few pictures at the same time. After we came downstairs to see if Santa had brought K anything else....Santa leaves his gifts in our house unwrapped by the tree so they are the first thing you see when you come in the room. Santa brought Kelsey a Spring Rocking Horse and a junior quad car. She was very excited about the quad car and got on to ride it right away in the house. She was not quite as excited about the horse, but still got on it and rode. I think the horse is bigger than her friends, so it was a little intimidating. We had a great morning finishing opening gifts as a family at our house. She got a fantastic princess castle from Gma Roselli, all the disney character stuffed animals from her Roselli side aunts/uncles, lots of very cute outfits, and a music box.
After doing a preliminary clean up, we packed up and drove over to my parents house to spend the rest of the day with my family. Aunt Kellie was home from college, Uncle Michael, Aunt Jennifer, Dylan & Allison had come down as well to spend the holidays down here and Aunt Cindy, Uncle Chris & the boy show came down later. We normally have a pretty long Christmas as it is, but this was definitely the longest Christmas on record..ever!! We opened presents in shifts pretty much all day long, had a great brunch of breakfast hotdish and a traditional Old English Christmas (minus my sea bass) with Standing Rib Roast and Yorkshire Pudding (my fav!!)

Kelsey & Aunt Jennifer

Kelsey & Daddy watching eveyone open gifts (she wanted to help so bad and was being so patient waiting as we went around in our normal 1 at a time opens a gift routine)

Kelsey & Allison coloring

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