Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Night

We started out after lunch by heading over to Gma & Gpa McD's to watch the football games while K napped. We figured that way we could get her up from nap and get her dressed over there. Kelsey wanted us to dress up as well, so I was a Vampire (sorta like a witch as I explained to K) and Lou was a Cowboy Sheriff.

We then headed over to our friend Megan/Matt's house to meet up with friends to trick-or-treat. Kelsey and Jack rode in our wagon. They got out and walked up to a few doors and sometimes we even just pulled the wagon to the door (I know...lazy) Kelsey was so cute..she kept saying "mommy, I got candy!" in the cutest voice. It's so funny to hear things like that come out of her mouth when she's never even had any. At one point I looked at her and she had opened a skittles bag and had one in her hand. I took it away from her and told her she wasn't allowed to have anything until mommy/daddy checked it.

We got back to our neighborhood about 5 minutes too late...we missed the rush of kids by a few houses. We stopped by our neighbors house on the way in so they could see Kelsey all dressed up. As usual, Brenda & Lloyd get the award for most awesome neighbors. They had a special treat for Kelsey...a fruit bowl, raisins, apples and grapes! She loved it and actually ate 1/4 of the fruit bowl that night before she went to bed.

All in all I think Kelsey had a really good Halloween. She keeps talking about it and asking about her bumble bee costume (Thanks Jennifer!)

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