Monday, November 2, 2009

Big Girl Cup

Last week I was browsing through Target's dollar spot and found some small plastic glasses that were on clearance for 50% off (yes $.50) I bought 2 and figured we'd give it a go. Yesterday we had a nice family breakfast of pumpkin pancakes, eggs, and turkey bacon. We also had orange juice. I grabbed one of the new glasses out of the cupboard and poured in some OJ about 1/2 way. She did really well. Occasionally over sipped or moved to fast, but pretty good for never really attempting before. She asks to use the cups all the time now. We have decided we will only use them when we are sitting at the table for a meal. So the past 2 nights she has had her milk with dinner in her cup. Last night she sometimes would put the cup to her mouth below her lips and you can imagine what the result was!! We spilled a little more milk last night than OJ in the AM. She did much better tonight. I can't believe how grown up she is getting!!

She is very proud of herself for using a "real" big girl cup. I initially called her sippy cups big girl cups when i took the stoppers out to remind her she had to be careful. As she was drinking today, she tells me "have to be real careful"

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