Monday, November 9, 2009

For the Birds....

While we were watching Agent Oso the other morning, they were making peanut butter birdseed pine cones. Kelsey kept talking about them and how you have to tie a ribbon on top at the end. I decided since we have pine cones in the backyard/backlot, that we would attempt this after naptime. I took her out and we collected a few pine cones, cut some ribbon, got the peanut butter and ran out to the store quickly to buy birdseed (I thought we already had some in the garage). Searching/Finding pine cones in the empty lot behind our house.
All ready to start...plate of birdseed, spoon, peanut butter, & pine cones (next time I will put a smock on her)

Spreading the peanut butter on with the spoon, she was trying to be so clean! Lou and I used our fingers to finish spreading enough peanut butter onSprinkling birdseed on the pine cone...We told her it would work better to roll it. Birdseed was sticking to the peanut butter on her fingers and she kept trying to flick it off. After we finished we tied ribbon around the pine cones. Kelsey was so happy. I hung them in 3 different places around our yard.
The next morning while we were getting breakfast ready, we saw a cardinal sitting on the fountain trying to get to the pine cone. So we went outside to go watch. Kelsey was very excited to watch the birds at her pine cone

If you look closely you can see both the male & female Cardinal in this picture. Female is on the dead palm branch. We did not see the female until I uploaded these pics.

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Julie Emmons said...

Cool! I saw that episode, too!