Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A trip to the Animal Farm

My mom's group took a field trip 15 minutes down the highway to a small farm. The wonderful lady who owns it, lets the kids feed and pet the animals. She tells them about the animals and even let them hold some baby bunnies and baby ducks (watch out they poop!) All this animal fun for only $5 a kid. What a deal!!
Kelsey and I arrived a few minutes late and the group was coming out of the barn with hay to feed the sheep, alpacas, pigs and other animals I didn't catch the name of since we were late (oops! I had to stop and get my Starbucks fix)
Petting the bunny with mommyEmma showing Kelsey the baby duck Kelsey, Madeline & Kimber w/ the duck
Standing on a rock checking out all the animals
Here Chicken chicken!!!
Going to see the horses (she LOVED the horses)
Hello Frankie!
Petting the bunny with Ms. Deb
Checking out the bigger bunnies in the cages with Madeline's been about 2 1/2 weeks since we went to the farm, but Kelsey still tells me "farm fun" and I ask her what she saw/did and she tells me about the chickens "hold baby duck" hold baby bunny" and about the ducks & horses. I think it left an impression on her. So cool!

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Cindy said...

Watch out it doesn't become an obsession like the water buffalo in our house!