Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dying Easter Eggs...

On Saturday, we went to our 2nd home, "the River House" (I mean my parents house), to take Kelsey out on papa's boat again. It was a gorgeous day! Kelsey kept telling us it was"windy" and moving her hair out of her face and she kept saying "faster daddy". It was too cute. After lunch we put her down for a nap there. When she woke up I brought her out on the patio with me and she went over to where the life jackets are kept, got her, brought it back to me, told me "life jacket on", put it on, and said (and pointed) "papas boat"! We tried to go out again, but the tide was too low. We decided to dye our Easter eggs there before heading home. PLOP/ CRACK!! That would be Kelsey throwing the egg into the bowl of color. Lou trying to show her how to gently put the eggs in the bowlShe started out dressed, wearing a bib. But Kelsey didn't understand how to "gently" put the eggs in and would basically throw them into the bowls of color. Needless to say some splashed on her, so we stripped the dress off (ran it under cold water) and proceeded to dye eggs.This was her softest dropped one.
Watching the eggs while they sat in the color
Kelsey & Daddy w/ all the eggs in the color So excited they are all done and out to dry!Kelsey & Mommy w/ the eggs

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