Monday, April 6, 2009

Papa's Boat!!!!

This weekend was beautiful. We spent Sunday at my parents house and our friends joined us in the morning for a boat ride, cook out, and some water skiing (during naptime). Kelsey was so excited that her 2 best buds, Jack & Maddie, were going to go on Papa's Boat with her.
After an alarming start (the boat alarm went off b/c of low drive oil), LOL, we finally got the boat pulled out to enjoy a "cruise". Beautiful weather and the kids were FABULOUS!!!! It was a great day!
Kels & Mommy
It was very windy in the front of the boat
Helping Daddy Drive the boat
Cap'n Kelsey!
Kels, Jack and Maddie in the front of the boat
Checking out the water/sites in front
Maddie & Kels (Superstars!!!)
Getting ready to pull out from the dock.

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Cindy said...

I'd better not let the boys see these pictures - they might get awfully jealous seeing other kids in "their" life jackets! LOL!