Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt #1

Kelsey and her friends had an egg hunt this morning at the park. Below is a picture of most of the kids in the group. Kelsey is in the front row next to her friend Madeline (who's in a yellow shirt) The kids made their own bags before the hunt. I carried the bag and Kelsey would put the eggs in when she "found" them. This is the only picture I have. See the camera hanging on my neck...nice that I forgot the photo card for it at home so I had no memory to take pics.After nap I took her out in our yard (both front and back) and we had about 6 more egg hunts. I added in the extra empty eggs I had at home. She really loves to clean up, so she was very good at this game and had fun doing it. I would throw the eggs out in the grass and she carried her basket and picked/cleaned them all up. Hopefully I'll have more pics after Friday's egg hunt.

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