Friday, October 31, 2008


Today was a great day! We started by going to a party with all of our friends at Music and Movement. All the kids dressed up, there were snacks galore and Ms. Denise set up a cute little picture area for the kids (parents). I was a little worried that Kelsey wouldn't like wearing her costume, but she loved it, and even wore the hood part of it without fuss.

Lou has class this weekend, so we ate an early dinner and got Kelsey dressed to go Trick or Treating. We took her to our one neighbors house (Mr. Lloyd and Ms. Brenda). They were so sweet. Brenda had a bag of grapes for Kelsey and an entire bag of goldfish, since she knew Kelsey doesn't get junk.

Daddy getting Kelsey ready to go out

First time she looked in the mirror while she was dressed up. She was quite amused.First stop..Ms.. Brenda and Mr. Lloyd's We then went over to my friend Carla's neighborhood where we met up with a bunch of families from my moms' group. Kelsey had a good time with her friends. While she didn't quite catch on to holding her pumpkin out for candy, she enjoyed seeing all of the real pumpkins people had outside.
The guys taking the kids up to a door to trick or treat
Kelsey carrying her pumpkin all by herself!

Keep dreamin' child....

My friend Megan and I with Kelsey and Jack Kelsey had her milk on the return walk

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