Monday, October 27, 2008

At home with the 'kins....

Since we couldn't buy a baby pumpkin at the church, we decided to buy her a smaller pumpkin at Wally World. (We also got her a collapsible pumpkin to trick or treat with)
She really wanted to pick this pumpkin up and carry it like she did at the church, but it was a little heavier.She did manage to pick it up by the stem a little.After we finished playing, I put the pumpkins up on the counter and Kelsey finished her milk. Then as Lou was walking her to go up for bath, she went over to the counter and pointed and said her version of pumpkin, then went over to her playmat and said sit and sat down. So we took the pumpkins down and she played a bit more and then asked daddy to read her Halloween pumpkin book.

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