Sunday, October 5, 2008

Back to the park...

This past week we were finally able to rejoin our group since swim lessons are over!! Monday found us at the park for a baby shower for one of my friends. Last time I went to the park, Kelsey was walking, but not really. This time I was ALL OVER the place following her. Park time has a whole new meaning now, no longer can I sit and socialize while Kelsey just meanders around.

Here she is thinking she is strong like her mommy and trying to move the cooler by herself. Her friend Summer is holding it still so she doesn't go anywhere. This is one time when she decided to take off running (I stuck the camera out in front of her and snapped a pic)
This is my friend Megan, who has become one of Kelsey's best buds. Previously Kelsey really didn't let anyone hold her but me. Megan and I had the kids at swim lesson for 5 weeks together, so Kelsey has totally bonded with her!! She even chose Megan over me at the gym this past weekend, hmmmmph!

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