Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We have a climber

She's climbing up on the step ladder, trying to climb on her leap frog table, and I caught her even climbing up on her walker.
I am praying she doesn't learn to climb out of the crib too!! (If she does I may have to duck tape her in ;-P )


Cindy said...

Step ladders are great, aren't they? If it makes you feel better, none of the boys ever climbed out of the crib.

The Berni Family said...

Emma was a climber as of luck keeping her down. However I do HIGHLY recommend crib tents (made by Tots In Mind). Here's a link....
I am absolutely positive it saved us some broken bones and lots of boo-boos. Warning....Grandma will not be a huge fan b/c it makes her precious grandbaby look like a caged animal! Trust me on this one though!! Well worth the money!