Friday, June 13, 2008

New Blocks

My addiction continues...... I can not leave a store without something in the cart for Kelsey. In my defense, this time (yesterday) it actually was a useful purchase (unlike the playball I bought her today because she said ball as we strolled past the rack of balls). I've read alot about how babies Kelsey's age like to stack things and put things into other things. How toys that they can do this with will help them in developing their motor skills. I thought about getting the classic wooden ABC/123 blocks we all grew up with, but the ones I saw said 3+ (the ones I linked to say 2+) I ended up choosing a set of nesting/stacking blocks. This was we can build towers, knock them down AND she can put the boxes into each other. I notice now that these too say 2+, but it was not a glaring as the 3+ I saw on the wooden blocks. I think she is enjoying them. It is a toy that will grow with her and her abilities.

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