Friday, June 13, 2008

M&M Fridays

On Fridays, after the gym, we head to the civic center to meet up with the moms' group at Music and Movement. This is a program provided by the county; however, in our case it really serves as in indoor playdate. One of the moms from our group asked the M&M teacher if she could have a "class" for us this summer, so we could be inside in the AC. It's actually been really good for me because I am learning to give Kelsey a little independance. At most parks and playdates I have her in my arms, by my side or in her stroller. Here I let her venture around. There are many mats around and toys all over the place. It's only our group, so for the most part the older kids are good about paying attention to where the "babies" are. The other moms are always on the watch as well.

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