Tuesday, May 6, 2008

When will the insanity end?

Last night I had a cooking night for Kelsey because all I had in the freezer was one lentil cube!! How'd I let my supply get so low...sheer laziness! Now that she is eating some finger foods though I do not want to go overboard on the purees. So the insanity began when I made lentils for my child and I had never had them myself. After looking through my new cookbook (First Meals) I decided to buy parsnips, leeks, and a rutabaga at the grocery store yesterday. Now these are all things I have never really had (leeks once in a soup) so I did not know what they looked like!! I found myself in the produce section looking for vegetables I had never seen before and then reading the price tag to see what it was called! If you are wondering... parsnips look like white carrots, leeks look like scallions on steroids and a rutabaga, well here's a picture of one:

I made duo of root vegetables (it's supposed to be trio, but I left out the white potatoes b/c I have some made already I can mix with them) with carrots and parsnips. I made plain sweet potatoes, and I also decided to try a recipe that has brocolli in it; sweet potatoes, carrots and brocolli. She had that for lunch today and it went well!! The leeks will be used in the recipe for First Chicken Casserole (chicken, carrots, leeks, potatoes, parsnips) and the rutabaga will be in the Mashed Vegetable Duo (rutabaga, parsnips, cheese). I'm enjoying being able to make her food, and I'm glad she's enjoying eating it, otherwise I might be discouraged and give up. So here's to the lesser known veggies...may she enjoy them all!!


Cindy said...

Good for you, good for Kelsey, but better you than me - give me Gerber any day!

Tammy said...

Way to go Lori! Keep on cook'n mama!