Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend in Gainesville

This past weekend was Lou's 30th birthday and he had to be in Gainesville for his MBA finals. Kelsey and I decided to go up wth him to celebrate. The trip up was LONG!! We turned a 3 hour drive into a 5 hour one. We left before dinner, so we had to stop to feed Kelsey, (Lou wanted to just feed her in the car to save time..that was FUN!)

then later stopped to get gas and food for us, then pulled off the side of the road for me to nurse her for a few minutes (she was insane) and then we pulled off at an exit so I could finish nursing her and get her dressed for night night. Saturday I had planned on going to the mall after dropping Lou off at school, and then trying to find a park to hang out at for a little while before naptime. My plans changed... Mr. Ford (Lou worked for him while he was in undergrad and we stay with them when we go up) told me he'd like to take me to lunch at the museum and then take Kelsey and I to the Butterfly Rainforest. Unfortunately I did not have my camera on me, but Kelsey had a blast. She was very intent on watching the over 100 butterflies that flew all around in this indoor butterfly garden. Mr. Ford took Kelsey from me and enjoyed showing her the butterflies, the wateralls and the coi goldfish. As we were leaving a butterfly landed on Mr. Ford's head, it was quite funny. We had a very enjoyable afternoon!

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