Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Craigslist strikes again!!

I've been thinking about getting a bounce and spin zebra for a while now. It's recommended for age 1 and up, so I've just been watching craigslist to see if one is listed for the right price. It retails for $50($45 at Target), and some people list it for $30-40 (not what I want to spend on something she may not even like) The other day someone in town posted one for $15. What a Deal!!! I emailed her and arranged things and then asked Lou if he would go with me (my little sister was around for that fun conversation that went something like "we don't need a zebra in this house. Where will we put it" "Yes we do, it's not for now, it's for a few months from now and it's such a good price. We can keep it in the garage till we need it" This went on and on and finally he agreed/gave in) When we got home, we put it in the garage for safe keeping until she's old enough. Yesterday Lou went out in the garage and cleaned it and cloroxed it all up and brought it in. We put Kelsey on it and she had fun. Today I took a video of her on it (we have to hold her on since she's really not big enough yet)

On her own she likes to go up to it and just bounce up and down and laugh. She does this while turning to look at you with this big grin and laughs. She never performs quite as well when the camera is on, but you'll get the idea!!

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