Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The things she says..

The other day Kelsey started with a new saying. She did something and then said "that's kinda silly!" In this very cute voice. She also says "that's kinda funny" We are not quite sure where she picked it up from, but the crazy thing is that she uses it at appropriate times.

Now that Kelsey is 2 (aaaaaahhhh) we are constantly trying to teach her patience and that she can't always have immediate gratification. Lou's been telling her she "has to be patient" The other day at lunch I was on the couch and the dog was making noises at the door (he wanted in), I said "hold on Eddy" and then Kelsey (not skipping a beat) put her hand up towards the sliding doors and said "Eddy, hold on. You have to be patient" I almost fell off of the couch.

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