Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On the potty...

So, this is probably the last thing Kelsey would want posted on this blog as a teenager, but at 2 she has no say! If you don't want to read about bodily functions..skip this post!! (No pics, I promise)

Last week she looked liked she was poopin' (she has a distinct face and holds her breath) so I asked her if she wanted to go on the potty. We set the potty seat on the big potty and put her on. Most of it was in her diaper, so we figured it was just for show and let her sit there for a few minutes and what do you know. When we took her off, there was something in the potty so we danced and sang for her and let her flush the toilet and say bye-bye. We are not training her yet, we are waiting and gonna let her take the lead before we (I) do the 3 day stay at home potty training boot camp.

Well, Sunday night as Lou was getting Kelsey ready for bed she told him she had to go poopie, so he took her diaper off and let her sit on the little potty in her room. (BTW..thanks to my brother and his wife who gave up the potty seats and the little potty) Low and behold she went pee-pee instead. But Lou was very excited for her and they made a big deal of pouring it in the big potty and flushing it. When I came upstairs to read stories, she was so excited and told me all about it.

Yesterday at the end of dinner, she made a grunt and said "I need to go poopie". I asked her if she wanted to go on the potty and she said yes. So we brought her in, put the potty seat on and sat her on it. She had 2 toots, so I figured that was what she had felt, but was still proud and then whoa...watch out, she was right, she did have to go and go she did! We gave high fives and hugs and again let her flush and say bye-bye.

I still don't think we are ready to potty train yet, but it's exciting to know she is starting to understand and realize things.

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Cindy said...

YAH Kelsey!!! LB, you might want to capitalize on this - my 3 day boot training camp says 18 months isn't too early to start if they are showing some interest. Wow, you could have Kelsey out of diapers before I have Colin out! LOL!!