Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

For the 4th of July this year we went to my parents house (nana/papa's house). My sister and her family (1 week after Ian was born) decided to drive down to join us. We also had a special guest, Kelsey's best bud Jack, who came for a sleepover since his parents had to be in/at a wedding. We got to Gma/Gpa McD's house in the morning in time to take Kelsey for a boat ride before lunch/nap. Lou and I took the waverunner out to the sandbar while Kelsey was napping, it was a beautiful day until we got nailed by the rain when we were almost back. Jack was dropped off right at the end of Kelsey's nap, so she was super excited to see him. All of the kiddos played outside on the bikes and with the balls and bubbles. Then we went swimming and had baths and picked tomatoes! After dinner we let the kiddos play for a bit. We were going to try to take Kelsey and Jack with us on the boat to go see fireworks, but the skies were cloudy and we didn't want to take the chance of then getting rained on. Good decision, because we did get rained on! In the morning, I made pancakes and scrambled eggs and after breakfast the kids decorated little step stools with foam stickers. I think they had a wonderful day/night even though they did not get to see any fireworks. (Sorry for the small pictures..I stole them off of Kellie's Facebook. When she emails me the originals I will repost them.)

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