Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Get organized for the new year....

In an attempt to keep our family room from looking like Kelsey's playroom, we purchased a new shelving organizer. After Christmas we decided to keep the couches as they are in the picture above, which creates an area for Kelsey's stuff to be stored. It works perfectly....all of her little toys and smaller books are in the "drawers" so they are out of sight. It still allows for a place to keep the computer, a lamp and a family picture.
You'll also notice there is room in the corner to store Lou's new toys as well!!

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Chris Robb said...

We're trying to do the same thing. We have two ottomans as our sofa table, so we put her toys in there. Still, it gets out of control, so I'm thinking of getting some shelving similar to what you have, too. Awesome that the Guitar Hero toys are mixed in. Adults will play, too!