Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Kelsey loves to read with Gpa McDonald!! Every time we are there she brings him books while he sits in his chair.

Kelsey is so excited about Daddy's gift too!!

Kelsey and daddy with the "someone at Radford loves me" bear from Aunt Kellie

If you look closely here you can see the candy cane cookie in her hand that she stole off of my plate. This was the first/only day I ever gave her a cookie, unfortunately she loved it.
Mommy & Kelsey with her new stroller and baby
Mommy helping Kelsey open a present from Gma/Gpa McDonald
Playing mommy pushing her stroller around

Kelsey and Aunt Kellie X-mas at Gma/Gpa McDonald's
Kelsey giving me my Christmas miracle...Lou found my lost Movado a few minutes before we went over to my parents for dinner and he wrapped it in the original box and all. So excited!!
Kelsey all dressed up...such a doll!!

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