Tuesday, January 27, 2009

For the life of me....

I could not get Kelsey to drink anything 2 weeks ago when she was sick. We tried to sneak pedialyte into her sippy cup, so she even stopped drinking water. I even tried (get ready to GASP) giving her juice. No go..she wanted none of it and I was getting concerned. On advice from a friend I remembered I had frozen pedialyte pops...she screamed when I came near her with them. She was having very few wet diapers and between that and her fever I needed to do something so as not to end up in the ER with a dehydrated child. When Lou got home from work I ran out to Walmart (alone!!) I bought a $.97 water bottle..and it was a success.

Remember the pedialyte pop she screamed at...well tonight when I was getting her veggies out of the freezer, she reached in and grabbed one and put it in her mouth. I still had half of the one I tried to give her when she was sick, so I let her gnaw on it for a while. If anything, I figured it would help make her teeth feel better. Stupid canines are such a bother (so were those darn molars)

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