Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sign Language

I'm not BIG into this, but am trying to teach her a few signs. For almost 2 months now we've been using the sign for "all done" at the end of meals. Recently, I've been just asking her if she wants "more" and the other night she got it and used was very cool.


Chris Robb said...

Cool! They started teaching Olivia sign language at day care around her 10th month. It took her a while, but she picked up on it. Now that she's starting to speak, it's a little less useful, but "more" was very good. She could point to things she wanted. "Please" is a little less useful, but makes us feel better about politeness. :-)

Anonymous said...

I thought baby signing was hocus pocus until I gave it a go with our 3rd baby. She had such fierce colic and allergies and communication was already strained. We got the baby Einstein dvd that teaches singing and all 3 of our kids picked it up Right Away. Good luck, and Have Fun with it! Blessings, Whitney