Saturday, September 27, 2008

All dressed up....

and ready for her final swim lesson! Kelsey had to do her final swim lesson fully dressed in clothes and shoes. This way if she ever fell in in her clothes, she'd still be able to know what to do.
She did really well (even though she still cried through the whole thing) We took video on the video camera and I don't know how to upload that yet. So when I can I'll try to put it up. Something the instructor did, that she never worked on during lessons, was to put a wet towel over Kelsey's face while she was floating on her back. Kelsey hesitated, but then realized she needed to move it off of her face every time so she could breathe. This was to simulate if she fell in and her dress or something covered her face. It was neat to see her reaction. All in $410 we'll ever spend on her! If all she learned was to flip over and float, it would still be worth it.

We had a special treat, as Daddy was able to come to watch the final lesson!

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