Monday, September 8, 2008

First Bike Ride

As I posted earlier, Lou got a bike seat, for Kelsey, for his Birthday. After reading about bike seats and infants, we decided it was best to wait until after she was 1 to put her on the back of the bike. Yesterday, we decided we would take a bike ride in the afternoon. We (Lou) had yet to install the bike seat... a feat in itself. I don't think either of us imagined it being as difficult as it was, but he got it all set and off we went. Putting Kelsey's bike helmet on was fun as she does not like hats at all. Luckily we could tighten it enough so she couldn't pull it off. I wish I had taken the camera on the bike ride because she was laughing and giggling and pointing at mommy (who was riding next to her) Repeatedly we did have to tell her she had to keep her helmet on because it will keep her safe. Towards the end of the ride, she found that she could reach Lou with her hands and began touching him. It was cute. Hopefully this will become part of our evening routine as a family.

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Cindy said...

I really like the picture where it looks like Lou is trying to strangle her! hee hee!