Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day before Easter

Lou's travel schedule changed and he was home the Saturday before Easter, so we took Kelsey to a local park that was having a huge Easter Eggstravaganza held by the local Methodist church. There were lots of crafts, free food, bounce houses and egg hunts divided up by age groups. I forgot to take a picture of the before, but it was essentially a soccer field covered with eggs. You filed in around when it was your age groups time and then when they blew the whistle it was mass chaos onto the field (I'm sure the older age groups were actually chaos, K's age group was just lots of people) She had a good time picking up eggs and then when we were done we sat on another field and let her open them up. She doesn't eat candy (which is pretty much what was in them all) so she'd open them and put the candy in a pile for her cousins, then closed the eggs.
After nap on Saturday we let her dye her Easter eggs. I showed her how to draw on it with a crayon before putting them in the dye and she really liked that. We even made an egg for baby sister, along with an AUburn one, a UF one and a Kelsey bear one. She would've loved to dye about 30 if we had them.