Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kitchen Helper

I've written before about how much Kelsey likes to "help out" in the kitchen. She has always pushed a chair up to the counter. Lou's been very worried about her falling off...for very good reason. She's fallen off twice (luckily she didn't really get hurt either time) After the second fall, we got on the Internet right away and ordered the kitchen helper.
We had debated before buying either this one or the Learning tower, but just couldn't see paying the $$ for it. Soooooo worth it! She loves it and we love it! She pushes it around the kitchen from the center island, where she likes to help, and over to the sink to wash her hands. Even her cousins enjoyed using it when they came to stay with us.
It is foldable/collapsible if you remove one screw from the platform. So far it really has not been in the way, so we haven't seen the need to fold it, especially since she uses it a few times each day.

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Tracy said...

My friend melanie has one of these for her two boys, which i will probably inherit. She LOVES it, its a great invention..too bad I didn't think of it. Than maybe I could be a stay at home mom, rolling in the $$!!