Friday, September 11, 2009

My Kitchen Helper....

We have family breakfast every Sunday. This past Sunday I let Kelsey he me make the blueberry pancakes while Lou was out on a run. She pushed her chair to the counter, we washed her hands, and then we began. I measured things out and then let her dump them into the bowl. After I stirred everything, she then took the spoon and stirred some more. I didn't let her help in the actual cooking part, I told her she has to wait until she's older because the stove is very hot. She was so excited and ate 2 pancakes and her cheesy scrambled eggs.

She had so much helping me with the pancakes, I decided to let her help me make the pesto for our dinner. We picked the basil and rinsed it. Again K pushed her chair over and we washed her hands and then pushed her up to the middle counter. Kelsey put the basil in the food processor, then the garlic cloves, I let her reach her hand in the bag and put a few handfuls of walnuts in and lastly she sprinkled in some Parmesan cheese. I put the top on and let her press the button. We then opened it and scraped the bowl, shut it back up, I drizzled some EVOO while she hit the button again! She thought it was so neat. After I even let her try it....if I let her she'd have eaten half the bowl of pesto, she Loved it and really enjoyed having it on her pasta and chicken for dinner.

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