Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jumping in....

Our little fish is doing so good and she loves the pool. I had an open day (nothing going on) from my mom's group, so we went swimming after the gym until lunch. She was swimming great and jumping in as well. I started teaching her when she would jump in to swim to the steps. This video is when we were getting out (why she only has 1/2 a bathing suit on) and she wanted to jump in again. I decided to let her even though I wasn't in the pool with her (I was right on the step). In the video she doesn't make it to the step b/c I ran out of time/film, but she did make it there after she flipped over. I can't say it enough...her lessons are the best money we ever spent last year. We used Tiny Bubbles which is similar to ISR. (Sorry my voice is so loud!! The microphone must've been right by my mouth)


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Tracy said...

soooo great! what a great swimmer.