Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekend on The Palm Coast

Lou had a convention up on the palm coast on Memorial day weekend, so Kelsey I and went with him for the weekend. We met up with one of his partners from work and his family. We stayed in a nice 3 bedroom suite at a very nice resort (it would've been a Wonderful suite, except it didn't have Internet access!!) Unfortunately it rained torrentially pretty much all weekend. Luckily the kids still had fun playing with each other. We went to a cool local restaurant Thursday night and then drove into St. Augustine for dinner on Friday night. We were hoping to be able to wonder the streets of St. Augustine, but it started raining while we were eating dinner, so those plans were squashed. Like I said, Kelsey had a blast with her new friends though. Little Franco is 4 and Sianna (sp?) is Kelsey's age. We were able to take them to the indoor pool on Friday for a little and tried to take them to the beach, but it was so windy and cold and sprinkling.

We will definitely try to get together again, as even the adults enjoyed each other's company!

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