Monday, May 4, 2009

Planting in Mommy's Garden

We bought a sun and a dragonfly, at the dollar spot at Target, for Kelsey to put in the garden. My camera died on the first trip out there, but she actually knelt down and put the stakes in the ground all by herself, even before I got to show her what to do.Kelsey LOVES tomatoes. So we decided to plant some in the back of the herb garden. Here she is putting one in the ground after I dug the hole with her shovel.Carrying the second tomato plant to put it in the other hole.All planted....she got a little dirty too!!

Check out our garden!! Just in the last few days the basil, cilantro and arugula (front row left to right) have gone through a crazy growth spurt. Just past the stone we planted an eggplant, a cantaloupe and then 2 tomatoes. There are strawberries in the black pot and the terra cotta pot has my huge Rosemary plant. The tree in the middle of the garden is a Holly tree we got from the city a few months after Kelsey was born.


Terry said...

Lori, I have always wanted to plant an herb garden but our backyard gets a lot of direct you let yours have direct sunlight or is there a shade..i never know.

Lori Beth said...

Our area pretty much has direct sunlight all day. In the late afternoon it does get a little shade. Just make sure it gets a good amount of water. I was watering almost everyday w/ my watering can until we changed our sprinkler timer. I love it!! It's nice not to have to spend the crazy prices to buy the herbs at Publix. Try it...